2013 Solar House Living Laboratory

 Outside of 2013 Solar Village House


  • South facing Solarium expands the floor plan and take it to outside.
  • French doors separate the solarium from the kitchen and Dining area and serves as a buffer to the outside .
  • A partition wall separates the bedroom and main living area. It can also be rolled into a closet for additonal space.


  • The photovoltaic system is optimaized for flat roofs and uses reflectors between the rows of panels to increase total energy prodution.
  • A mixed Mode residential HVAC system marries the automation system and the house HVAC System.
  • A radiant heating floor system with tubes beneath the concrete floor.
  • A predictive control home automation system uses weather data to predict hour by hour temperatures inside and adjust accordingly.

Other Specs

  • Array Size: 10.5 Kw
  • Panel Types: PV
  • Heating Type: Solar/Thermal
  • Actual Square Footage: 900 sq ft

Competition Results

Position 16 out of 19

You can find out more about our submission to the 2013 Solar Decathlon at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon site.

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